A cornerstone of the Booker T. Washington neighborhood, the DOCK is celebrating its 16th year of operation in 2020. 100% of the youth served by the DOCK live in low-moderate income households.


The vast majority of children who attend the DOCK come from households with incomes less than $24,000 a year (well under the United Way’s survival budget of $51,312 for four-person families in Brevard County). 87% come from single female-headed households. Several children who attend the DOCK have parents who are incarcerated or are absent from their lives.  


These children are being raised by grandparents or other family members. The combination of low income and household make-up has negative implications on the children’s academic careers. As with many low-income children, they lack a strong foundation when they began school, and continue to fall further behind.

The DOCK's purpose is to be a safe gathering place and nurturing center for neighborhood youth after school and during the summer – the hours when they are most likely to get in trouble. Staff and volunteers emphasize academic achievement and model and encourage healthy life choices, with a goal of encouraging youth to see themselves as productive citizens in the future.


The goal at the DOCK is to enable children and teens to compete more effectively with their peers today and provide them with critical skills and knowledge for the future. DOCK parents are reassured that their children are being looked after while they work.  This contributes to family stability and the economic vitality of the community.

The DOCK serves an average of 60 youth per day.

145 unduplicated youth visited the DOCK in 2019.


Since the DOCK opened its doors in 2004, no youth actively engaged has dropped out of school  or been involved in a crime.


35 regular volunteers visit the DOCK each week to assist with homework, tutoring, administrative jobs and other projects.


The DOCK provides over 2400 meals during summer camp.


Attending the DOCK during the school year is at no cost to parents.  With increased hours in the summer and over spring break, parents participate by paying a nominal fee.


We are proud to have 15 graduates in the class of 2019 and another 4 teens in the class of 2020!

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