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The DOCK aims to provide a safe gathering place and nurturing environment for neighborhood kids after school and during the summer. A cornerstone of the Booker T. Washington neighborhood since 2002, the DOCK is celebrating its 18th year of service. 


The vast majority of kids who attend the DOCK are living in households that are one missed paycheck or lost job away from not being able to meet basic needs. 97% of the kids served by the DOCK live in low-moderate income households with an annual income that is less than $26,500. 89% reside in households headed by single moms. 8% live with a grandparent or other relative caregiver. All of these factors can adversely effect educational achievement.  


A primary goal of the DOCK program is to help kids overcome learning gaps while enhancing and enriching their lives. DOCK staff and volunteers emphasize academic achievement by encouraging students' interest in education; involving their families when possible; and, modeling and promoting healthy life choices in order to help kids see themselves as current and emerging leaders who are valuable members of their community. 


At the DOCK we create opportunities for kids to focus on their academic, spiritual, social, physical and intellectual development in a safe supportive environment. DOCK kids are empowered through positive reinforcement and quality programs. This supports the overall wellbeing of kids participating in the DOCK program and reduces engagement in risky behaviors during out-of-school time. 

The DOCK serves an average of 137 kids per week.

Attendance has declined becuase of the pandemic nevertheless the DOCK has remained open to serve kids!


Since the DOCK opened its doors in 2004, no actively engaged kid has dropped out of school.


27 regulars volunteer at the DOCK each week to assist with homework, tutoring, recreational activities, administrative tasks and other projects.


The DOCK provides over 1500 healthy meals during summer camp.


Attending the DOCK during the school year is at no cost to parents.  With increased hours in the summer and over spring break, parents participate by paying a nominal fee.


We are proud to have 4 Class of 2022 high school graduates!


Afterschool Program Hours
Monday - Thursday: 3 PM to 6 PM
Friday: 2 PM to 6 PM

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